Finance and Affordability

On average, residents at Brandon Oaks save about $1,000 each month when compared to their previous homes. The monthly fee covers utilities and expenses they would have paid in their own house, and much more.

Residents hold a lifetime lease on their homes. Brandon Oaks maintains it and upgrades it as needed. It is a home for life, but without the work, upkeep or hassles.

Brandon Oaks residents invest with a one-time entrance fee when they move in. The entrance fee is based on the type and size of the residence they choose, and whether there are one or two residents in the home. Residents then pay a monthly fee that covers services, one meal per day, and maintenance.

Once the entrance fee is paid, residents hold the exclusive right to occupy their residence and enjoy the amenities, common areas and services of Brandon Oaks — for life.

The Traditional Plan allows for residents who leave Brandon Oaks for any reason within 50 months of moving in to receive partial reimbursements of their entrance fee. Reimbursement is calculated as the adjusted entrance fee minus 2% for each month lived at Brandon Oaks. Additionally, there is a one-time charge equal to 4% of the entrance fee upon move-in.

A 50% Refundable Entrance Fee Plan and a 90% Refundable Entrance Fee Plan are also offered for incoming residents. These plans include a higher entrance fee but guarantee a refund upon departure, and once the unit has been re-occupied, regardless of the length of stay (however, both will still incur the one-time 4% charge).

Under the 50% Refundable Entrance Fee Plan, reimbursement decreases by 2% each month for the first 25 months. After that, 50% of the entrance fee will be reimbursed upon departure.

Under the 90% Refundable Entrance Fee Plan, reimbursement decreases for only one month. Thereafter, 90% of the entrance fee will be reimbursed (the 4% one-time charge still applies).

Absolutely not. Once you make your one-time deposit, your home at Brandon Oaks is secure. You will not be affected by entrance fee increases.

Your monthly fees adjust annually to reflect changes in the costs of food, labor and utilities (remember, Brandon Oaks is a non-profit organization). Adjustments are typically made January 1st of each year and are decided by the community’s Board of Trustees. All residents will be notified at least 30 days in advance of any change, whether it be an increase or decrease.

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Brandon Oaks is committed to the care and support of our residents, including those who run into unexpected financial hardship. We maintain an assistance fund for residents who qualify, and are happy to report that in our 21 years of operation, no resident has ever been asked to leave because of finances. It’s our mission to care for all our residents, regardless of their situation.


Residents may decorate as they wish. However, if structural changes (like knocking down a wall or cutting a pass-through) are desired, Brandon Oaks must approve it first. Any costs associated with approved structural changes that are not a repair are the responsibility of the resident.

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Pets are valuable and beloved companions that benefit the health and well-being of residents. Pets are welcome at Brandon Oaks, subject to management approval and our pet policies.

The Health & Vitality Center offers a pet therapy program for residents, and also features an aviary where residents can relax and rejuvenate with our feathered pets.

Brandon Oaks caters its amenities to the needs and lifestyles of the residents. There are many amenities and community spaces available to keep our residents active, happy and healthy.

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We have a full-time Director of Activities who plans and coordinates a daily schedule of activities. Residents are also encouraged to take part in planning and hosting events and activities.

Independent living residents enjoy menus designed by our professional chef that feature the freshest, finest ingredients, three meals a day. One meal a day per resident is included in the monthly fee.

There are two dining options Brandon Oaks: the Main Dining Room and The Brandon Oaks Grille. The Main Dining Room is served by our professional waitstaff. The Brandon Oaks Grille provides residents with a café-style dining option, featuring convenient hours, buffet service and take-out meals. Outdoor dining is also available, as are private dining rooms for special occasions and entertaining.


LifeCare means security for life. Once residents pay the Entrance Fee at Brandon Oaks, they not only have the exclusive right to occupy their residence, but they have access to the finest in assisted living and long-term skilled nursing care, should it be needed, with no increase in their monthly fees, except for the inflationary annual adjustment. The independent living resident only pays for two additional daily meals per day during their stay (monthly fees include one meal per day per resident).

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To meet the admissions requirements for LifeCare, potential residents must be 62 years of age or older, ambulatory, in general good health, free of communicable diseases, and able to live independently without assistance.

According to the IRS, residents can deduct the portion of their Entrance Fee and monthly fees that cover medical expenses. The entrance fee deduction is claimed the year of payment, and monthly fees are claimed yearly thereafter. Brandon Oaks provides each resident with a statement each year showing the deductible amount, but individual accountants or tax advisors should be contacted for the full tax implications of residency at Brandon Oaks.

Brandon Oaks is less than two miles from Lewis Gale Hospital, and a short drive to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, a certified level 1 trauma center. These facilities provide first-rate emergency medicine and specialized services.

Brandon Oaks does accepts residents for direct admission to Assisted Living or the Skilled Nursing Center. However, there must be space available and the admission cannot compromise the needs of current residents. Direct admissions are not eligible for LifeCare, however, and incur the current fees for health care at Brandon Oaks.


Brandon Oaks does have a waiting list. Being on our list guarantees you priority for the home of your choice, including access to facilities, services, meals, activities and admission to our health care center if you need it before you can move in.
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The fee to be on the waiting list is $1,500. Once accepted for residency at Brandon Oaks, that fee will be applied to the Entrance Fee. However, paying the waiting list fee does not guarantee the current Entrance Fee price.

Absolutely not. Brandon Oaks does not discriminate based on sex, race, religion, ethnicity or national origin.

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