Fitness and Aging

Exercise is an important aspect of both physical and emotional well-being. While it’s only one part of the overall wellness spectrum, we try to offer something for everyone at Brandon Oaks. Lead by our Wellness Coordinator, Susan Bryant, the Health and Vitality Center boasts land and aquatic classes, a full-service gym, yoga studio and heated pool with spa. “Land classes are the most popular, but the aquatic run a close second,” says Susan. {You can see a schedule of all of our land and aquatic classes here}

Many new, and old, residents visit with Susan to set personalized fitness goals and plans throughout the year. “Residents are eager to continue or start exercising when they come to Brandon Oaks for a healthy and happy lifestyle,” Susan adds. The National Council on Aging recommends classes moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and muscle strengthening activities for two or more days per week to remain healthy. If classes aren’t what you enjoy, the gym is always open and has many cardio and resistance machines available for use.

Although January is a popular time of the year to set resolutions, make fitness a lifestyle change. “Making exercise a priority in your routine will help you maintain your independence and stay motivated,” Susan stresses. Get moving and keep moving!

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